Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP) Resource Documents

Local Emergency Operations Plans (LEOPs)


The LEOP Template is a working example but does not contain required content or formats.  It is intended to be modified to fit each jurisdiction’s unique emergency planning requirements.

This template is designed with FEMA’s Comprehensive Preparedness Guide (CPG 101).  The CPG 101 provides guidance on developing emergency operations plans.  Please download the CPG 101 guidance by clicking here.

Jurisdictions must develop their own basic plan and emergency support functions which reflect their hazards, define their capabilities, describe their emergency management systems and inform their citizens as to how their elected officials will act when responding to and recovering from disasters within their communities.

Before using these documents it is recommended that jurisdictions review existing plans which may contain guidance that is useful for first time and experienced emergency planners alike.

Please be aware that the Local Emergency Operations Plan is the property of the Local municipality. 91A requests for this document must go through the town or city.

 LEOP Template (Updated February 2015) [.docx]

ESF #1 – Transportation [.pdf]

ESF #2 – Communications [.pdf]

ESF #3 – Public Works & Engineering [.pdf]

ESF #4 – Firefighting [.pdf]

ESF #5 – Emergency Management [.pdf]

ESF #6 – Mass Care Housing & Human Services [.pdf]

ESF #7 – Resource Support [.pdf]

ESF #8 – Health & Medical [.pdf]

ESF #9 – Search & Rescue [.pdf]

ESF #10 – Hazardous Materials [.pdf] 

ESF #11 – Agriculture Cultural & Natural Resources [.pdf]

ESF #12 – Energy [.pdf]

ESF #13 – Law Enforcement [.pdf]

ESF #14 – Volunteer and Donations Management [.pdf]

ESF #15 – Public Information [.pdf]


ESF #1 Transportation Sample [.docx]

ESF #2 Communications and Alerting Sample [.docx]

ESF #6 Sheltering Sample [.docx]

ESF #13 Public Safety and Law Enforcement Sample [.docx]

SEOP Organization Chart Sample [.pdf]

ESF Matrix Sample [.pdf]