The Planning Section of New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management has three main functions; Grants Management, All-Hazards Planning, and School Readiness.

The Planning Section Manages six different Grant Programs:

These grants are offered to eligible applicants (which may include local municipalities, schools, private non-profits, state agencies, and others) based upon funding and grant availability.

The Planning Section maintains the State Emergency Operations Plan (SEOP) and incident specific annexes (including recovery annex), State Hazard Mitigation Plan, Continuity of Operations (COOP), Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) and State Preparedness Report (SPR), Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP) Template, COOP Template, and is consistently updating and developing planning documents and templates. Reviews and Technical Assistance for Local Hazard Mitigation Plans are also provided. In 2016, HSEM was granted the ability to approve Local Hazard Mitigation Plans at the state level through the Program Administration by State (PAS) Program offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), making NH the 2nd State in the Nation to receive such a designation.

The School Emergency Readiness Program is located within the Planning Section at HSEM and is responsible for helping to assess and improve the security and safety of schools, their staff, and their students throughout the state. The program offers free security assessments and provides options for consideration to increase security and safety. Staff within this program also provide training and technical assistance related to school security and school emergency response, attend and present at conferences, and participate and provide assistance with school emergency exercises. For more information on the School Emergency Readiness Program, please view their programs website here.