Facility Self-Assessment Tool

The Facility Self-Assessment Tool is designed to assist organizations with identifying and subsequently
address facility safety deficiencies in your facility.
By answering a series of security-related questions, users can quickly identify areas for improvement. Questions that receive a check in the “No” box may identify a potential vulnerability for the facility. Once a facility identifies a potential vulnerability, facility management may establish or adjust an internal policy or procedures, or seek appropriate professional guidance to explore options available to address the vulnerability.
Please note, not all questions will be relevant to all organizations and facilities.
A common sense, pragmatic approach must be taken when using the Facility Self-assessment Tool.


For additional resources and information, please contact the HSEM Community Outreach Office at hsempio@dos.nh.gov or call 603-271-2231.

Facility Self-Assessment Tool Instructions PDF

Facility Self-Assessment Tool PDF 

Facility Self-Assessment Tool Fillable PDF