Public Assistance (PA) Grant Program

FEMA’s Public Assistance (PA) program provides federal assistance through grants to government organizations and certain private nonprofit organizations following a Presidential disaster declaration to quickly respond and recover from major disasters or emergencies.

Through the program, FEMA provides supplemental federal disaster grant assistance for debris removal, life-saving emergency protective measures, and the repair, replacement, or restoration of disaster-damaged publicly owned facilities, and the facilities of certain private non-profit organizations. The PA program also encourages protection of these damaged facilities from future events by providing assistance for hazard mitigation measures during the recovery process.

The federal share of assistance typically covers 75% of the eligible costs for emergency measures and permanent restoration. The remaining 25% non-federal share is the responsibility of the applicant.


Current Disasters / Incidents

Public Assistance Documents/Resources

Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide – v3.1

Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide – v4 (Valid Only for Disasters Declared June 1, 2020 or Later)

Record Retention Policy and Dates (All Disasters)

Public Assistance Disaster Thresholds for FFY 2024

Public Assistance Award Notification Fact Sheet

Reporting/Request Forms

Public Assistance Quarterly Progress Report

Public Assistance Quarterly Subrecipient Monitoring

Public Assistance Excess Funds Usage Request Form

Public Assistance Reimbursement Request Form (Large Projects and Category Z Projects Only)

Public Assistance Project Completion and Certification Report

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) Report 

Exceptional Disaster Relief Loan Application

Public Assistance Applicant Survey (Risk Assessment Requirement)

Public Assistance Withdrawal Form

Administrative Costs Policy

Public Assistance Management Costs (Interim)

PA Program FAQs and Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

Quarterly Progress Report QRG

Management Costs – Subrecipient FAQs

PAAP DAC – Subrecipient FAQs


Roadmap to Procurement Compliance

FEMA Procurement Resources (Webpage Link)

FEMA Disaster Procurement Guide

FEMA Top 10 Procurement Mistakes Roadmap

FEMA Top 10 Procurement Mistakes Discovered in Audits

FEMA Procurement and Contracting Training

Public Assistance Hazard Mitigation (406)

FEMA 406 Hazard Mitigation Overview

FEMA Benefit-Cost Analysis Overview (includes: Compliance information, Toolkit, Resources & Support)

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