Training & Exercise Unit

 If you have any questions about the status of training and/or exercise events, please email

Program Email Address:
Office Phone Number: (603) 271-2231

NameTitlePhoneEmail Address

Robert Christensen

Section Chief

(603) 223-3638

Rich Cloutier

Assistant Section Chief

(603) 223-3638
Greg Gabrielli
State Training Officer
(603) 223-3696
Tayla Jacques
State Exercise Officer
(603) 227-8764
Program Assistant
(603) 227-8773

About Training, Exercise & Development Services

NH Division of Homeland Security Training, Exercise and Development Section is available to assist with any or all of the following: Planning Grant Guidance Writing Facilitating Controlling Photography/Videography Evaluating After Action Reports Improvement Plans Logistics Facilities Equipment The Agency/ Municipality hosting the event will determine the level of involvement requested from NH HSEM. Exercise & …