Training & Exercise Unit

 We hope that you are in good health this cold and flu season.  NH Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management wants to be as proactive as possible to help prevent the spread of any virus.  Therefore we have postponed and/or cancelled any training and exercise events until July 1.  We will continually reevaluate and work with our federal, state and local partners to determine the best course of action. 

If you have any questions about the status of training and/or exercise events, please email

Program Email Address:
Office Phone Number: (603) 271-2231

Name Title Phone Email Address
Training & Exercise Supervisor
Joann Beaudoin
Exercise & Training Officer
(603) 223-3638
Mark Nash
Exercise & Training Officer
(603) 223-3613
Rich Simmons
Exercise & Training Officer
(603) 223-3640
Jim Leach
School Exercise & Training Officer
(603) 223-3662
Deb Yeager
After Action Report Coordinator
(603) 223-3665
Pamela Seeman
Program Assistant II
(603) 223-3664


About Training & Exercise Services

NH Division of Homeland Security Training & Exercise Unit is available to assist with any or all of the following: Planning Grant Guidance Writing Facilitating Controlling Photography/Videography Evaluating After Action Reports Improvement Plans Logistics Facilities Equipment The Agency/ Municipality hosting the event will determine the level of involvement requested from NH HSEM. Exercise & Training …