Training & Exercise Controller, Evaluator & Instructor Grant Application

This application is by invitation only, and for the sole use of Exercise Controllers and/or Evaluators and Instructors operating on behalf of the New Hampshire Department of Safety, Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management’s Training & Exercise Unit.

This application should take approximately 15 minutes to complete .

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There are eight (8) sections in this application:

Section I: Applicant Information
Section II: Funding
Section III: Project Management
Section IV: Reimbursement
Section V: Audit Requirements
Section VI: Terms & Conditions
Section VII: Signature & Certification
Section VIII: Grant Total

Things that will assist you in completing this application are:

Please contact the Training & Exercise Unit at (603) 271-2231 if you have any questions.

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  • Section I: Applicant Information

  • Eligible applicants include municipalities, hazmat teams, local agencies and the University of New Hampshire.

    The applicant should be the entity that will receive reimbursement, for example a police department vs. the municipality (general funds).

    Please note that Special Weapons & Tactics teams are ineligible and require a fiscal agent in the form of any of the eligible entities above.

    If you have any questions regarding eligibility please contact the Training & Exercise Unit.

  • Primary Point of Contact

  • Fiscal Agent

  • Authorizing Official