School Emergency Operations Plans

The below resources can be used to assist in developing, implementing, and/or reviewing a schools emergency operations plan.

NH Specific Resources:

Additional Resources:

  • Comprehensive Planning Guide (101), September 2021, Version 3: CPG 101 provides guidelines on developing emergency operations plans and promotes a common understanding of the fundamentals of community-based, risk-informed planning and decision making to help planners examine threats or hazards and produce integrated, coordinated and synchronized plans.
  • Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools – Technical Assistance Center: EOP Interactive Tools
    • EOP Assess: A Web-based application (app) that helps practitioners assess their understanding of elements critical to the process of creating and maintaining a high-quality EOP. Users are guided through a series of questions relevant to the process of developing a high-quality EOP and receive a downloadable report providing customized information upon completion to enhance the user’s knowledge of the EOP planning process and high-quality plans.
    • EOP Assist: An offline tool that directs the planning team members through a process that will result in the output of an EOP according to the Federal guidelines for developing a high-quality school EOP. Composed of Microsoft Word worksheets and PDF instructions, the EOP ASSIST Interactive Workbook prompts users through the six-step planning process recommended in the School Guide and generates a customizable school EOP.
    • EOP Evaluate: A Web-based app helps planning team members evaluate an existing EOP against Federal guidelines. Using the School Guide and IHE Guide as a foundation, users are prompted through the Federally recommended six-step planning process to determine whether there are areas where an existing EOP can be improved.

School Readiness Portal

The HSEM School Readiness Program requests that all schools utilize this portal to submit their Emergency Operations Plan as required by NH RSA 189:64. The portal is currently closed and will be open for submissions in the coming months. Please contact us by email at should you require any assistance or want to update …