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School Readiness Portal

The HSEM School Readiness Program requests that all schools utilize this portal to submit their School Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs) as required by NH RSA 189:64. This portal serves as the repository for collecting schools EOPs along with the self-assessment which is utilized when a school security assessment is conducted.

Example Submission.

An example of a complete submission can be viewed here.

Save and Continue.

The form does allow for save and continue to be utilized. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click “Save and Continue Later,” which will direct you to a new page. You can either copy and save the link that is shown on the screen or insert your email address and a link will be sent directly to you. Note: The link expires after 30 days of its creation.

Update an EOP After Submission.

Please contact us by email at to inquire about this process.

Additional EOP Resources.

Additional resources regarding the development, implementation, and review of school EOPs can be found here.

Questions or Problems.

Please contact us by email at to obtain a copy of your 2021 school EOP submission or should you require any assistance!