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The New Hampshire Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management’s Training & Exercise Unit will work with you, your agency/department, your community and stakeholders to help determine the appropriate exercise(s) to accomplish your goals and evaluate your plans, policies and/or procedures.

NH HSEM employs a capability-based approach to exercise design and execution.  Contact Us today to discuss your next exercise with one of our Exercise Training Officers.



Exercise Application (Non-Grant)

Exercise Resources

Online Exercise Resources can be found here, including downloadable exercise kits. Guiding Principles: FEMA’s Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) Complete HSEEP Template Package National Preparedness Goals FEMA’s 5 Mission Areas FEMA’s 32 Core-Capabilites Threat & Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment New Hampshire’s THIRA-SPR Discussion-based Exercises Operations-based Exercises Types of Exercises Seminars Drills Workshops Functionals …

School Reunification Game

Purpose:  To focus on current plans, policies, agreements, and procedures and discuss how participants would act during and following a particular incident.  Problems are solved as a group. Game Exercise:   A game exercise is largely a discussion guided by a facilitator with some simulators to discuss the actions needed to be successful. One or two evaluators may …

Upcoming Exercises

 NH Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management wants to be as proactive as possible to help prevent the spread of any virus.  Please stay home and do not attend any trainings if you are sick – even if only mild symptoms.  If you cancel because of illness, you will be given priority seating in …