Commodities Distribution Annex

This Commodities Distribution Annex (the Annex) to the State Emergency Operations Plan (SEOP) establishes a strategic framework of policies and procedures for the State of New Hampshire as well as other public and private non-profit organizations for emergency commodity distribution operations in response to an event that disrupts the retail supply of such commodities.

Commodities are defined most generally as food and potable water but for the purposes of this annex is more broad based and can be any material item that is deemed necessary to be disseminated in a large scale. This annex is designed to be a strategic document to structure a framework to determine if a Commodities Point of Distribution Site(s) (C-POD) is necessary as a result of a natural or man-made event.


If your community is interested in creating a Local Distribution Management Plan (DMP), please feel free to utilize HSEM’s Local Distribution Management Plan Guidance.