COVID19 PPE/Sanitation Materials Request Form – Education K-12

The summer school PPE program has ended.  To secure PPE for the upcoming school year the following email was sent to SAUs on Tuesday, July 28, 2020.

The NH Department of Education in collaboration with the NH Department of Administrative Services is providing schools the opportunity to utilize State contracts for purchasing PPE that may be needed for the upcoming school year. The State has negotiated and established contracts and Blanket Purchase Orders (POs) for these purposes. Schools may purchase PPE through the State contract by using these POs. Public schools may be able to utilize CARES Act and ESSER funding for these PPE purchases. Nonpublic/private schools should contact the vendors and discuss/confirm that they will honor and pass along the state pricing to them.

K-12 public schools are encouraged to consolidate orders by district to maximize aggregate volume. Provisions should be in place to ensure timely planning and execution for PPE replenishment. It is recommended that reordering occur a minimum of 30-days prior to anticipated depletion of on-hand inventory. Some vendors will be able to provide products before the start of school, while others may not, so please consider delivery times before making purchasing decisions.

The link below is live and is updated regularly to accurately reflect the availability of products. Click on the contract number for detailed information on the products listed.

School PPE Guidance Link