Public Assistance Eligibility for COVID-19 (DR 4516)

The following are eligibility resources for response and recovery work related to COVID-19.

Apply for Public Assistance (NH Only) 

Please read the following carefully BEFORE applying: Applicants with accounts in the FEMA Grants Portal are encouraged to complete their Request for Public Assistance (RPA) in the Grants Portal. Applicants without access to the Grants Portal may complete EITHER the online or hard copy/PDF form below. You only need to complete the RPA once through one of these three methods.

Private Non-Profit entities that wish to apply for the Public Assistance Program must first complete the Private Non-Profit Public Assistance Application Form (Online Form) below to be accepted into the program. Once approved, an NH State Liaison will reach out with more information on how to complete the RPA in the grants portal (please note that the Private Non-Profit Public Assistance Application Form is not a Request for Public Assistance (RPA)–you will receive instructions to complete an RPA after FEMA has approved your PNP organization in the PA Program).

RPA Deadline: The deadline to submit an RPA for the Covid-19 Disaster was July 1, 2022.

Applicant Eligibility 


Updates are listed with the most recent on top.

NH HSEM recently re-organized areas of responsibility within the division. As of May 19, 2022, all Public Assistance projects are being managed by the Recovery Team. The Covid-19 Recovery Team consists of 3 State Program Delivery Managers (SPDMG), 1 Program Assistant, and 1 Public Assistance Coordinator. Not sure you who your new SPDMG is? Click here to find your SPDMGs and their contact information.

Work Eligibility

Project Development

Applicant Briefings 

Grants Portal Training and Resources