Public Assistance Grants Portal Training

Training Webinar Recording:

Below is a link to an informal walk through of the FEMA Grants Portal. The purpose of this video is to orient new users (and existing users that need a refresher) to the FEMA Grants Portal. This portal was created by FEMA to increase project transparency for the Applicant during the FEMA reimbursement process.

A link to the video recording can be found online here. The password to access the video is: DR4516GPTraining

Please note that the captions for this video are auto-generated and are not accurate in many cases. They may use language that contradicts what is actually being said. If you have a need for captions, please contact us at to make a request for accommodations. 

Accompanying Materials:

These additional resources will assist Applicants in taking full advantage of the FEMA Grants Portal.


Contacting your State Liaison: State Agencies and Private Non-Profits -Email  | Local/County Governments – Call 603-223-3663