First Responder Stipend Reconciliation

Steps to Submit First Responder Stipend Reconciliation Worksheet:

  1. Download the First Responder Stipend Reconciliation Worksheet
  2. Complete  the First Responder Stipend Worksheet(s)
    • Information needed is:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Last Four Numbers of the responders Social Security Number
      • Select Position from drop down
      • Enter the amount of money the Organization received for the responder’s stipend.
      • Enter the amount of money the Organization paid to the responder.
      • The worksheet will calculate the difference for each responder and the totals for the organization.
  3. If an entity needs to return any stipend funds back to the State due to changes in personnel time (ie., left dept, vacation, military leave, # hours worked changed, etc.) the process is as follows: 

Checks should be made out to:  Treasurer, State of New Hampshire. You must specify “First Responder Stipend Program Funds” along with your vendor number. Please be clear which organization it’s from (ie; HSEM Fire or HSEM Police vs HSEM) 

Sent your remittance to:
Governor’s Office for Emergency Relief and Recovery
1 Eagle Square
Concord NH, 03301

  1. Submit the First Responder Stipend Reconciliation Worksheet(s) using the link below by July 31, 2020