DHHS Supply Request Form

The State is making available PPE supplies free of charge to eligible verified non-profit agencies and facilities (see dropdown below for list of eligible entities). Please allow for at least 3 business days for the warehouse to process your order. You will receive a notification email with your pick-up date. If you have not yet received a confirmation email, please check your Spam folder.

We are now able to accomodate delivery requests if you are unable to come pick up in person. Please check the box on the request form if you would like to arrange a delivery.

If you would like to also request a pick or delivery of free over-the-counter FlowFlex COVID test kits, please use this link: https://prd.blogs.nh.gov/dos/hsem/?page_id=14192. There is no limit for how many you would like to request while supplies last.

Pick up location is the DHHS warehouse located at 23 Terrill Park Drive in Concord. The warehouse pick-up hours are 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday through Friday. It will be closed on state and federal holidays.  

The State cannot accept any returns on items. Please note that some of the materials may be approaching or past the manufacturer’s expiration date.

Please call 603-715-8652 or email dhhs.eprr@dhhs.nh.gov if you have any questions.