EMS Resources

The EMS Resources section is for EMS students and instructors.  Customers may download or print any of the materials found in this area.  Simply hover your mouse over the EMS resources link on the main navigation bar to see a drop down list of available resources.  As you move your mouse, additional lists will appear.  Click on the page that you would like.


For TEMSIS users, you can find a complete users manual to help you navigate through the program.  Click the link to download and save  the manual to your computer.  DOWNLOAD NOW.

EMS Protocols

Welcome to the most current State of NH state wide EMS protocols.  These protocols provide guidance to EMS providers of all levels and should be downloaded for review.    

Submit EMS Request

Welcome to the EMS forms submission page.  Each of these forms may be completed and submitted with nothing more than a click.  Simply select the form you need and get started.  

EMS Curriculum

Welcome to the EMS curriculum area.  Instructors and students will find a variety of resources for download and review.  It is important to note that the curriculum’s that are provided here are not mandated for use by the Division.  EMS Instructors may chose to use which ever publisher or curriculum they wish.

EMS Media

This video gives facts on the use of sirens by ambulances and fire departments.  This can be used as individual training information or viewed by entire shifts of students during department or monthly training sessions.  Click on the link to download and save.   Community Paramedicine- Presented by Kevin McGinnis WPR, WEMT-P at the New …

Preplanned Standby Coverage

The following document is for those providers who are looking to provide Preplanned medical standby coverage at an event.  Should you have any further questions, you can contact Vicki Blanchard, ALS Coordinator at vicki.blanchard@dos.nh.gov

EMS Accolades Report

TEMSIS Graphs Gallery

Basic Cardiac Care Statistics Basic Stroke Care Statistics

Trauma/Medical Review Committee

The New Hampshire Trauma Medical Review Committee (TMRC) was created by statute to oversee the establishment of the NH Trauma System and to ensure the continuous improvement of the system. The TMRC is made up of physicians and surgeons representing different organizations and specialties, emergency and trauma nurses, representatives from statewide EMS-related organizations and hospitals, …