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MouseWelcome to the EMS forms submission page.  Each of these forms may be completed and submitted with nothing more than a click.  Simply select the form you need and get started.


EMS Course Request

Complete this form to request course authorization for both fire and EMS courses and programs.  Please allow our administrative team time to review your request.  Notification will be sent to you when approval has been granted.  You may contact the respective bureau should you have further questions in regards to your request prior to notification …

Resource Request Form

This request is for Instructors who wish to request a resource from the Division. If you are a community member or a department who would like to request that a FIRE course be taught in your area please visit the Course Request Form

EMS License Renewal/Upgrade Application

EMS Request for Examination

BLS Exam Eligibility to Test Form

Simulation Program Application

Submit an EMS complaint