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Fire Reciprocity Process

ReciprocityThe Equivalency / Reciprocity process is designed for individuals who are seeking either recognition for training and certification or wants to obtain NH Certification from the Academy for training that was obtained from outside the State.


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Equivalency is available for the Professional Qualification Levels (listed below) through the New Hampshire Division of Fire Standards and Training and the National Board on Fire Service Professional Qualifications System (“Pro-Board”).


Firefighter I                                                    Driver Operator/Pumper

Firefighter II                                                   Driver Operator/Aerial

Fire Officer I                                                   Fire Service Instructor I

Fire Officer II                                                  Fire Service Instructor II

Fire Officer III                                                 Fire Service Instructor III

Fire Officer IV                                                 Fire Inspector I

Airport Firefighter                                           Fire Inspector II

Hazardous Materials Operations                   Hazardous Materials Technician


STEP # 1: Information Submittal –  If a person (the “applicant”) from outside of the state would like to obtain equivalency or credit for the above levels from the NH Division of Fire Standards and Training for courses taken elsewhere, the applicant must submit an application with a copy of their certificate which indicates either ProBoard, IFSAC, or Department of Defense (DOD) accreditation.

Attach source information (i.e., training agency).  This includes copies of certificates or letters that attest to successful completion of the course, documentation of course length, and details of experience that would apply to equivalency challenge. This information may include:

  • Certificates or letters of successful completion
  • Course Syllabus and hours
  • Course objectives and related experience

STEP #2: Processing Once the application and credentials are reviewed, they will be processed and equivalency will be granted.  This means that the State of NH recognizes the certification as equal and no further action is required on the part of the applicant.  The applicant will receive a letter in the mail as confirmation and the out of state certification will be placed on the individuals NH student transcript.




[notice]NOTE – The State of NH is only granting reciprocity challenge processes for the following certifications at this time[/notice]

Firefighter I

Firefighter II


Instructor I

Instructor II/III


STEP # 1: Information Submittal –  If a person (the “applicant”) from outside of the state would like to obtain New Hampshire Certification from the NH Division of Fire Standards and Training for courses taken elsewhere, the applicant must submit any and all course records, certificates that indicate successful completion of fire training programs from an organized / recognized fire training entity. ALL SUBMISSIONS WILL BE COMPLETED VIA THE ONLINE APPLICATION.

STEP # 2: Information ReviewOnce received, the information will be reviewed and an email will be sent to the applicant with the specific disposition for that particular case. The challenge process WILL include both written and practical portions based on the current National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard edition for the level being sought. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the appropriate standards to ensure that they do in fact possess the information before testing, as there are no guarantees that the programs they have taken in previous years comply with the current NFPA standards.

Candidates should also be thoroughly familiar with IFSTA and/or Jones & Bartlett Training Curriculum and the appropriate Job Sheets for the practical evolutions.

 STEP # 3: Schedule the Exam(s) –  Challenge exams, written and practical, are scheduled for the 2nd Thursday of every month and must be taken at the New Hampshire Fire Academy in Concord, NH.

Each exam is payable before the time of testing – pass or fail.  Testing appointments must be scheduled in advance; please call ahead to schedule.

If the applicant passes both written and practical portions, the process has been completed for that level and a New Hampshire Certificate will be issued.

Apply now buttonIf the applicant fails the challenge exam, there are no retakes; the applicant must then enroll in the specific program and successfully complete all of the requirements in order to obtain a New Hampshire Certificate for that level.



(a)  Students seeking certification based upon training taken in other jurisdictions shall be charged:


(1)  A $100.00 fee for Firefighter I certification, including all components;


(2)  A $80.00 fee for Firefighter II certification;


(3)  A $60.00 fee for all other certifications; and


(4)  A $400.00 fee for fire service personnel from another state or non-fire service personnel seeking New Hampshire certification, requiring research.