First Responder Stipend Submission

Steps to Submit First Responder Stipend Worksheet:

  1. Download the First Responder Stipend Worksheet
    • One stipend worksheet documents up to 500 names. If you are submitting more than 500 names, please submit additional worksheets.
  2. Complete  the First Responder Stipend Worksheet(s)
    • Information needed is:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Last Four Numbers of the individuals Social Security Number
      • Select Position from drop down
      • Select Total Eligible Weeks (8 is defaulted, but please change if applicable)
      • The worksheet will calculate totals
  3. Submit the First Responder Stipend Worksheet(s)

Links & Documents:

NOTE: The worksheet has been updated to reflect total stipend amount based on the position and the eligible weeks. Please use the updated worksheet for new submissions.
NOTE: Additional update includes volunteer positions and part time state law enforcement.