First Responder COVID19 Vaccine Prioritization Overview

First Responder COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization

NH is taking a phased approach to vaccine rollout, targeting critical populations with the initial allotment of vaccines from manufacturers. The New Hampshire Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) includes the following groups for vaccination under Phase 1a: 1) at-risk health workers in the most and moderate risk groups; 2) older adults in residential care settings; and, 3) first responders.

The following information is intended for the First Responders within Phase 1a. Additional information for Vaccination Allocation Guidelines for Phase 1a can be found  here.

For COVID19 Vaccine purposes, First Responders are defined as follows:

Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS): All private, public, and volunteer fire and EMS personnel whose job function puts them at high risk of exposure to COVID-19

Law Enforcement: All certified or sworn law enforcement officers in NH, whether employed full- or part-time whose job function involve frequent public contact. This includes Federal Law Enforcement personnel working in NH who will not be vaccinated through federal programs. This does not include officers working in correctional facilities, which are included in a later phase. This also does not include security staff at
nonclinical locations (e.g., retail facilities, academic institutions).

NH COVID-19 Responders: Individuals participating in pandemic response across a range of public and private sector entities who are at higher risk of acquisition of COVID-19 due their specific job function. This includes vaccinators, testing units, specimen collectors, public health personnel with contact to COVID-19 patients and their close contacts, and COVID-19 laboratory personnel.

In anticipation that the initial supply of vaccines will be severely limited, DPHS has further grouped at-risk first responders into three sub-categories of most, moderate and lowest risk. Only the most and moderate categories are included in Phase 1a:

  1. Most risk – first responders included in Phase 1a are those that are expected because of their
    professional role to have direct patient contact.
  2. Moderate risk – first responders included in Phase 1a are those that are expected because of their
    professional role to have indirect patient contact with patients. These first responders provide support to
    the direct patient contact/care providers.
  3. Lowest risk – included after Phase 1a: remainder of first responders. These workers are critical to
    maintain operational infrastructure. These workers will be vaccinated as early as possible once Phase 1a is completed.

Vaccination of First Responders in Phase 1a will be staggered based on the priority groups and availability of vaccine. To facilitate proper vaccine allocation and ensure maximum clinic through put the following process has been developed:

Each municipality/organization shall provide a roster of ALL their First Responders that meet the above definitions and THEN assign prioritizations for each individual on their roster. Department Heads/Chiefs/Company owners or managers are responsible for submitting their member’s information under the appropriate prioritization on the attached roster.

The submitted roster must include the following information for each First Responder:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Position within Department/Agency
  • Does the Responder intend to receive the COVID 19 Vaccine? This selection is not definite – it will not prevent the responder from changing their mind about receiving the vaccine – it is to just provide some preliminary data on vaccine uptake.
    • Yes, No, Unknown, Undecided

This first responder prioritization roster must be submitted using the form and spreadsheet located at


Additionally, each first responder that desires a vaccine must complete a “Vaccine Pre-Registration” form.

The First Responder Vaccine Roster and the Pre-Registration lists will be synchronized to allow for appropriate vaccine scheduling and allocation. The registered members that are attending a fixed clinic (location below) for vaccine will receive an email from to schedule their appointment.

Click this link for the instructions to set up their VAMS account and scheduling an appointment once they receive the invite from VAMS. VAMS Scheduling Instructions

Departments/organizations that have scheduled a closed POD with their Regional Public Health Network for vaccine administration will be contacted by their Regional Public Health Network to arrange vaccine scheduling.

Questions about the process can be sent to