Introduction to Lean the Judicial Branch way

Posted by Tom Lencki on July 9th, 2018

In 2016, a hands-on approach to lean was introduced and, over a six month period, 108 Superior court employees came to learn about the core concepts of lean, brainstorming, value stream mapping and team building in a fun and interactive way. On June 28, 2018, 13 recently hired employees came to find out what lean was all about, why it is important to our culture, and how the Superior court is committed to continuous improvement.  Feedback included

Although the activities were fun, they were also a great learning tool; great training and I enjoyed it very much.”

I feel like it was a great introduction to the lean process. It gave me a good foundation to build upon

I liked that it wasn’t just sitting and listening but actually doing hands on projects to demonstrate the principles.

The Superior Court will be taking a team to the Yellow Belt class held at BET on July 10th through 12th to review and lean the network outage policy.

Congratulations to Joanna Bailey for accepting the Summer Challenge and being the first to submit a post!!!

Summer Blog Challenge

Posted by Tom Lencki on June 29th, 2018

Creating a (Positive) Lean Culture and maintaining that culture takes a TEAM EFFORT! Passing on your story or group success is contagious and motivating. Did you recently read an article/ story that the rest of us can learn and grow from. It is time to share and here are some ideas

Critical Steps for Culture Work using Social Media:

  • Telling YOUR story/ success
  • Motivate or Challenge others
  • Knowledge/ information sharing

This is OUR Summer Challenge. Please send in a small blurb (paragraph and pic), geared toward one or more of the Critical Steps above.

I hope you accept this challenge and look forward to some great posts this summer.

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Congrats NH Department of Environmental Services Lean Yellow Belt Graduates

Posted by NHDES on June 18th, 2018

Kudos to the recent NH Department of Environmental Services Lean Yellow Belt graduates.

Yellow Belt is a hands-on introduction to the philosophy and methodology of Lean process improvement.

Congrats to the the graduates:

  • Jana Ford
  • Laura Martel
  • Hamilton McLean
  • Cynthia Nelson
  • Melanie Cofrin
  • Steve Couture
  • Jocelyn Degler
  • Stacey Herbold
  • Kristen Svendsen
  • Kelsey Vaughn
  • Laura Filau

PS special thanks to Kate McGovern for making a special trip to 29 Hazen Drive to teach everyone these new skills.  Also, thanks to Felice Janelle, Alan Moulton and Vince Perelli to facilitate the hands-on Lean events, during this training.


Congratulations New Green Belts

Posted by Tom Lencki on June 15th, 2018

The State of New Hampshire Lean community would like to congratulate the June 2018 Green Belt Class. The new members received their certificates and were joined by the Black Belt  Class of 2015.

Congratulations to all!

Promoting Lean

Posted by Tom Lencki on June 13th, 2018

On Thursday June 7, 2018 Colonel Christopher Wagner, Lt. Jeff Ladieu and Sgt. Thomas Lencki spoke about Lean and the State Police on the NH Today with Jack Heath Radio Show. Every Thursday the State Police conducts a segment on the NH Today with Jack Heath, that highlights the men and women of the State Police. Jack Heath had never heard about Lean and how successful it has been for the State Police and Department of Safety. The segment was very informative and as the group was leaving the studio, a listener commented that she had adopted a Lean way of thinking many years ago and she was excited that the State Police had also adopted a Lean way of thinking.

To hear the podcast follow the link and create an account:


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