Lean Thinking in Action

Posted by Heather Barto on May 21st, 2020

The NH Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Organizational Development and Training Services curates a quarterly newsletter for employees. The newsletter, “ODdiTieS” provides resources, insights, tools, and much more for DHHS staff. This virtual format is particularly helpful in the virtual work environment these days.

The Spring newsletter provides viewers with several ideas and strategies on how to use Lean Thinking during times of telework. Lean concepts can be applied in just about every aspect of our work. A simple Kan Ban board can help manage task in an organized fashion. The 5S Model can assist with organizing a work space.

We thought the entire State of New Hampshire Lean Network would benefit from receiving a copy of the newsletter from the Lean Thinking perspective. If you haven’t had a chance, check out the fun Dear Eileen portion on page 4.

How are you supporting Lean Thinking at your organization? We would love to hear about it. Reach out to Heather Barto, State of NH Lean Executive Committee Chair, DHHS Process Improvement at Heather.Barto@dhhs.nh.gov for more information.

DHHS OdDiTieS Newsletter


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