Leadership and Continued Learning

A 3-5 minute read on the importance of  investment with continuous improvement both as an individual and a team. Mentoring and continual learning go hand-in-hand.

Government agencies offer consistency, a dependable hierarchy, a foundation that the country depends on in good times and bad. But it can also be a place where it’s difficult to change or inspire creative thinking. Better leadership that focuses on an increase in return on investment (ROI) can help. Leaders who value and encourage their teams to do this focus on continuous improvement.

Blog posting by Timothy Etson

Source: https://www.govloop.com/community/blog/leadership-great-leaders-encourage-excellence-continuous-improvement/

Lean work and projects are the perfect opportunity for continued growth and learning.

NH Public Utilities Commission-Lean Project

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of New Hampshire recently embarked on process improvement projects.  The Assess Tracking Lean project demonstrates the value of co-facilitation and group effort towards contributing to a faster and smoother way to conduct business.

Jan Gugliotti, Lean Green Belt and the Lean Coordinator for PUC adds “Woohoo!  Survived my first facilitation as a new GB.” Jan shares her A3 work as a model for collaborative process improvement efforts to support the PUC’s efforts with Lean modernization practices.

PUC_Asset Tracking Project_A3