NH Lean and Automobiles

A Keene, NH newspaper wrote an article on Grappone Automotive Group’s CEO; Amanda Grappone Osmer where she talks about learning of Lean, changing culture, and the way they do business. It’s not all just about cars! Article_Grappone

Lean Webinar Archives

The Lean Enterprise Institute offers a varied selection of archived webinars that are an hour or less.  Topics covered include Lean Leaders, Visual Management Tools, Improvement and Coaching Kata and more!

Find the archives here:


Even Federal Agencies Want More Lean

The EPA needs to do more Lean.

So says July 31, 2017 EPA’s Office of Inspector General report on a recent audit they conducted on EPA.  They are not doing enough Lean, even with their “Lean Into Change” initiative, starting at the end of 2014.

The results of this study surprise many as EPA has a strong Lean Program, which involves training and projects or Kaizen events.

This report recognizes that Lean is powerful method that can be used to avoid costs and save time, among many other positive benefits.

Read More at Report: EPA Needs to Institutionalize Its “Lean” Program to Reap Cost and Time Benefits

Improvement Results

The State of Washington’s Results page hosts a variety of reports and information on Lean efforts in their state.  Take a look and see if you find anything which may be on your list of projects to work on.  The groundwork may already be out there for a solution to your project.


Lean Webinar

Webinar on Kaizen event considerations. Had some highlights about reverse Lean considerations with Kaizen work. Slide deck will be shared.


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