NH Public Utilities Commission-Lean Project

The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of New Hampshire recently embarked on process improvement projects.  The Assess Tracking Lean project demonstrates the value of co-facilitation and group effort towards contributing to a faster and smoother way to conduct business.

Jan Gugliotti, Lean Green Belt and the Lean Coordinator for PUC adds “Woohoo!  Survived my first facilitation as a new GB.” Jan shares her A3 work as a model for collaborative process improvement efforts to support the PUC’s efforts with Lean modernization practices.

PUC_Asset Tracking Project_A3

Lean Black Belts Capstones 2018!

NH State Police Lean Black Belts


On Friday May 11, 2018 four Lean Black Belt students from the NH Department of Safety/NH State Police presented capstone projects at the BET (Bureau of Education and Training).

Kelley Achenbach and Sgt. Rebecca Eder-Linell shared their important work on the “Tracking and Sustainment of Future Lean Events“. This work will provide foundational enhancements to the Lean work ongoing and new at the NH Department of Safety. Lt Jeff Ladieu provided a strong presentation on the “State of NH Enterprise Project Management Solution”.  Jeff’s work is pivotal to capture project work for the aspect of Lean events. Sgt. Thomas Lencki wowed the audience on “Creating a Lean Culture in State Police“.  Culture advancement for an organization is an area where continued growth and development are required.

Colonel Christopher Wagner and Roberta Witham, both founders of Lean process improvement at the NH Department of Safety were in attendance to support and offer words of wisdom. All three presentations flowed exceptionally well together. Way to go!

To follow NH State Police on social media go to https://www.instagram.com/nhstatepolice and https://www.facebook.com/NHStatePolice/.

Graduation for the Lean Black Belts occurs on 6/1/2018, stay tuned for more updates and good work!

The NH Lean Executive Committee commends the work of NH Department of Safety for their work in advancing Lean process improvement!

NH State Police use Lean 5S Approach

5S at NH State Police

Before the 5S Model was applied. Wires everywhere. Created confusion and extra steps for finding a device.

After 5S was applied. Wires are neat and tidy.

The NH State Police (NHSP) have been immersed in Lean process improvement. The NH State Police has been very successful with Lean over the last several years. Colonel Wagner and Ms. Roberta Witham are the original State Police Lean Black Belts. Currently, the NHSP have additional staff that are in the process of completing the Lean Black Belt program through the NH Bureau of Education and Training.

Recently, the units were challenges to find a way to organize their work space, files, etc.  The 5S Model uses Sort, Straighten, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain as a method to organize and neaten up work areas.

Check out photos submitted of before and after the 5S approach.

Way to go NHSP!

Example of 5S Methodology

As part of an ongoing cross agency Lean event, staff reorganized their IT working area using 5S methodology.  Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

Here are a few before and after photos to show the amazing work!



State of Wisconsin Metrics Overview

We are all interested in metrics when it comes to our Lean work.  Feel free to review Wisconsin’s Annual Report to see what they accomplished in 2017.

WI Lean Government Program – FY17 Annual Report – Final (Revised)

Here is a link to the high level overview for FY17 and FY16 as well for comparison.


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