Example of 5S Methodology

As part of an ongoing cross agency Lean event, staff reorganized their IT working area using 5S methodology.  Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain.

Here are a few before and after photos to show the amazing work!



State of Wisconsin Metrics Overview

We are all interested in metrics when it comes to our Lean work.  Feel free to review Wisconsin’s Annual Report to see what they accomplished in 2017.

WI Lean Government Program – FY17 Annual Report – Final (Revised)

Here is a link to the high level overview for FY17 and FY16 as well for comparison.


Growth Mindset versus Fixed Mindset

Please take a moment to review Volker Balleuder’s thoughts on the book Growth Mindsets by Carol Dweck.


Lean Methodology Helps California County Probation Process

This is another example of how Lean can really be applied anywhere.

This article describes how Lean can save the Riverside County probation department time, as well ensure that they are consistent with their requirements and improve staff morale.

Check out the article below for more information:


One-Stop Shopping for State Services On Its Way

Few steps and fewer trips to the state agency.

Many states are moving into online forms for transactions with state agencies like the DMV, Health and Human Services and even Revenue.

In New Hampshire, we are doing it too.

A recent symposium was held in Austin, TX.  Check out the story on many of the exciting things that are being done here: One-Stop Shopping for State Services On Its Way

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